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About Our Movement

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Our Vision
& Purpose

Who doesn’t love the relaxing sounds of ocean waves and the warmth of the sun? Our founder was on vacation from work on the beach one day and wondered “How can I feel this relaxed and happy all the time?” It’s easy to feel great on vacation but how can someone get this feeling during their daily lives? These questions led to the creation of Happy Time High.

Our Promise Daily to You

Creating happiness one customer at a time

As a big proponent of implementing what great things nature has to offer, our founder wanted to create a natural way to relax and get happy. After months of research, we created an innovative formula utilizing THC as a way to bring that vacation happiness and ease to everyone whenever and wherever they need it. Feeling relaxed and happy shouldn’t be hard. Happy Time High wants to help provide that feeling to you.

Here you feel appreciated, valued, and noticed

Our customers are more than just customers, they’re individual people with unique lives and interests. We seek to cater for every individual and create tight bonds with them. Personal relationships are arguably the most valuable thing in life and we hold that value deeply. We value learning about different experiences and ideas so that we can continue to grow in everything that we do.

Our Values-Driven Culture Provides Delightful Experiences

We only believe in doing our absolute best and that is reflected in our products. Our high values are translated into everything we do here at Happy Time High. Your happiness and experience is our top priority and we hope to bring that to you with every single item we offer. We give 110% of ourselves into everything we do in order to make sure our products are exceptional and our customers are completely satisfied.

Setting new standards for the industry starts here

We are constantly creating, innovating, and improving so that we can continue to excel in everything we do. Curiosity is our middle name and we seek to learn more everyday. We collaborate with exceptional minds to create products with the newest innovations and highest quality ingredients. You can rest assured that with us you are getting top quality products made with genuine care and love.

Our passion will fuel the fire to make your experience unique

We are more than just a business, we’re the makers of an experience that we aspire to share with the world. Happy Time High was created to bring happiness to you whenever and wherever you need it. Life can be hard and we want to help with whatever you may be going through. We seek to make the world a happier, better place one person at a time. Come join us on our journey to happiness together.